Landscape design is a dynamic and creative process that transforms homeowners' dreams into reality. Can you imagine seeing your project before it's even done? Visualizing it and being able to add and remove ideas here is the key, and the guidance of a designer takes your project to the next level.

Initial Step

The initial step in this process involves an on-site assessment, where our team thoroughly understands the client's vision, and lifestyle and how will be the usage of the space. This comprehensive understanding serves as the foundation for creating a clear and tailored plan that will match your dream project.


After the visit, we will send you a proposal for your design services. Once you approve it and sign it, we require a deposit to get started. Usually, 50% of the total cost is when the Designer begins working on the design, and the remaining 50% is upon completion of the design.

Creative Process

The design will be based on field dimensions and the price includes revisions and changes on the first presentation. We will also schedule a video call to discuss more ideas and inspirations that might come during our creative process.


The final presentation will include 3D renderings and 2D drawings with dimensions and notes. At this final presentation, our team will also deliver an estimate to build everything included in the design in separate items so the client can decide what are the priorities and get familiar with the breakdown of the costs.